Hello, I'm Izy. A Yoga Teacher & Therapist for Women's Health.


  • Yoga for Women  - Wednesday 6.15pm & Saturday 10am

  • Self-Care: Therapeutic Yoga (Monthly)


  • Yoga Therapy

  • One-to-One/Small Groups

Special Interest: Endometriosis & PCOS. 

I look forward to sharing the practice of yoga with you online in the comfort of your own space!


*Please email for details. Excludes private & therapeutic classes.  

Yoga Style

Women's Wellbeing & Relaxation


Yoga with Izy is a creative, safe space that is calm, supportive and honest. A community that is authentic not elitist. Inspired to teach students that would like to practice with a softer approach.


Slower classes encourage individuals to become more embodied in their practice, with the hope that you leave feeling nourished, revitalised, calm and balanced in mind, body and breath. Compassionate teachings and variations are offered to students, so that they can make mindful choices according to their energy level, needs and abilities. 

I integrate the teachings of Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, a therapeutic and nourishing style, honouring our cyclical cycles through all stages of life; menstrual, fertility, postnatal and menopause, including peri and post. Alongside, supporting women's gynaecological conditions; PCOS, endometriosis etc. 


New to Yoga?

'Izys foundation class has been a fantastic introduction. It's the only time in the week when I can really switch off.'     - Jane

Yoga became part of my healing process and holistic lifestyle after being diagnosed with Endometriosis and undergoing Gynaecological surgeries. Through all my experiences, I am passionate about supporting women through self-care. I believe yoga is for everyone, a transformational practice on and off the mat. Let go of your inner voice saying that you're not flexible enough or not fit enough. Instead be patient, kind and honour your self just as you are. 

Benefits for Women:

  • Supports our pelvic health, hormonal balance and energy levels.

  • Supports women’s gynecological conditions. 

  • Reduces premenstrual symptoms. 

  • Improves menopause symptoms. 

  • Assists surgical recovery. 

  • Strengthens immunity and reduces inflammation in the body.

  • Promotes sleep, aids digestion and lowers blood pressure. 

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression. 

  • Improves strength (muscle tone), stamina, posture, balance and flexibility.

  • Relieves muscular tension and increases joint mobility. 


'Beautifully paced teaching with rich content and layers of sattvic nourishment.' - Yogacampus

'Izy is a warm and caring teacher with a real interest in yoga for women's health.' - Yogacampus 

'Izy teaches with compassion. The care she puts into planning her classes is very evident.' - Yogacampus

'Izy is a born teacher. I always come away rejuvenated and relaxed.' - Lucy

'Izy has a gentle command. Over the months, my confidence has grown, and my aches and pains have disappeared.' - Caroline

' I have loved every minute of my experience with Izy and I have been practicing yoga for 30 years.' - Rosalind


About My Classes

  • Mindful Meditation & Healing Breathwork (Pranayama).

  • Therapeutic, Self-Massage.

  • Nourishing Stretches.

  • Pelvic Floor, Somatic & Pawanmuktasana (Joint Releasing) Practices.

  • Gentle, Feminine & Fluid Movement.

  • Explore Static, Dynamic (Flowing) & Restorative Yoga Postures (Asana).

  • Floor Based & Standing.

  • Creative Sequences.

  • Moments of pause and relaxation. 

I integrate the above into my yoga offerings, creating different sequences each week, depending on the season, moon energy, student needs etc. For Example; A soothing, floor-based practice one week, to a slightly more energising practice, transitioning from floor to standing the next week.

Suitable for students of any age and experience. 

N.B. I don't teach pregnancy. 


Yoga for Women

Wednesday: 6.15-7.15pm

Saturday: 10-11am

Online: £8.50

10 Spaces Available Per Class

A nourishing practice, cultivating breath awareness

(pranayama) and meditation, therapeutic massage, mindful movement and postures (asana), moments of pause and ending with relaxation. 

All Levels. This class is not suitable for pregnant women. 


Self-Care: Therapeutic Yoga 


A mindful, floor-based class to honour our heart and pelvic health. Cultivating healing breath work (pranayama) and meditation, therapeutic massage, nourishing stretches, 

gentle movement and restorative relaxation.  

All Levels. This class is not suitable for pregnant women.


Private Classes

How can I be of service to you today?

The perfect opportunity to create a personalised yoga practice.

Please contact me to arrange a free 15 minute consultation to discuss how I can support you. 


Yoga Therapy for Women's Health


Yoga Therapy for Women's Health offers a holistic approach to support your physical, mental and emotional well being. The sessions draw upon a range of therapeutic yoga practices - Healing Breath Work (Pranayama), Mindful Meditation, Gentle Yoga Postures (Asana) and Restorative Relaxation.

The session will start with a fifteen minute sharing, followed by a personalised yoga therapy practice. We will then have time to reflect and consider how to implement this into your life. Please prepare for the session by sending me a brief description of what you are hoping the yoga therapy will support you with. 

Gentle Yoga 

These sessions are perfect if you are new to yoga and would like to learn the foundations before attending a group class. Or if you are a more experienced practitioner wishing to explore specific elements of the practice in more detail. 

No experience of yoga necessary. 


  • Initial 1hr and 15 - £45.

  • Follow up: 1 hour - £40.

In-Person: Client Home/Workplace​

  • Please note that at present I am not currently offering                             'In-Person: Client Home/Workplace' visits. 

  • Initial 1hr and 15 - £60.

  • Follow up: 1 hour - £55.


  • Additional costs may be incurred depending on location/travel time. 

  • Payment is made via Bank Transfer before the class.

  • A 'Registration/Health Form' to be filled out before the class. 

  • (Please refer to my  Zoom/Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy) for more details. 


My Yoga CV

Teacher Training:

  • Yoga Therapy for CFS, Burnout & Long Covid - Fiona Agombar - Nov 2021. 

  • Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therapy (220 hr) - July 2021/May 2022.

  • Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therapy Immersion - June 2021.

  • Restorative Training - Adelene Cheong - March 2021.

  • Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma - Independent Yoga Network & RYS (200 hr) - Sept 2020/Jan 2021. 


  • Women's Hormonal Health - Endometriosis, PCOS & Fertility - Jaqueline Rose - April 2022.

  • Yoga: CFS & Long Covid - Fiona Agombar - Sept 2021.

  • Pelvic Floor - Rachael Hall - May 2021.

  • Wild Wombs - Julia Caird - March 2021. 

  • Yoga for Immune Health - Anna Taylor - Nov 2020.

  • Yin/Restorative - Anna Taylor - Sept 2020.  

  • Yoga for Emotional Balance - Bo Forbes - August 2020.

  • London School of Philosophy - April/June 2020.

  • Pelvis & Spine - Rachel Hall - April/May 2020.

  • Breathwork - Donna Farhi - May 2020.

  • Womb Yoga - Uma Dunsmore Tuli - Jan 2020.

Health & Wellness Insurance - Balens Ltd.

First Aid - Yogacampus - 2020. 

Yoga with Izy
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